I spent most of last year battling injury – plantars fasciitis in each foot separately.  Ugh!  The Ironman in September was brutal but I suffered through it after being reassured by doctors that run/run-walking the marathon wouldn’t set my recovery back post-race.   If I could put up with the pain, I could do the race.  Wow, that was an exercise in mental toughness, that or stuborness, either way I finished IM number 2.

In the off season I started working with Dr. Kurt Strecker and Coach Al Lyman at Pursuit Athletic Performance.  Many of my Endurance Nation teammates recommended them highly to help me break the injury cycle and come back for a great season.  They put me in run jail for a while while I worked on core stability and functional strength.  It was a drag to not be able to run, but I knew it was exactly what I needed to be able to run for the rest of my life.  In February or March I got the green light to run again, which was great news… but their idea of getting back to running involved a very detailed and gradual progression of run/walking to build up my endurance and to ensure that I was building on the strength I’d gained.  So far so good.

I’ve signed on with Al as my coach for the season (putting my EN membership on hold) to ensure that I get back into racing in a smart and healthy way.  So far, so good. With just over 3 months to go I’m still run/walking but I trust the system as I’m feeling great!